Jeff Cigrand

Do they actually know?

I was reading up on mastodon and came across this image tooted by which made me finally write about something that is annoying me for so long. Meme about the complexity of the internet As a coding instructor for kids I get confronted way too often with the saying that kids nowadays are so great with computers and that would be because they grew up with it. But honestly I do not believe that.

Mastodon and the old ways

Do you remember the old days? When there was no Facebook nor Twitter? Back when everyone had their own blog and was solely responsible for that? That was not all too long ago you know. Now with Elon Musk having taken over Twitter and his weird and economically bad decisions on that platform we all are seeking a new place to moan about our life. Well now there is a surge in Mastodon instances.

Being autistically self-employed

Finding a full-time job nowadays is very hard, especially with the global inflation that has been going on for at least as long as I am alive. People can’t all afford the basic minimum to actually live and most are just working to survive. Now imagine all the struggles that most people encounter while having a full-time job and add a whole bunch of triggers into it. Try imagining how it must feel to constantly be on your toes to fit in the professional climate and constant demands employers make to be the perfect robot for their company.